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Freelancing - Types, Opportunities and Scope

Can a freelancer hire a freelancer?

After India attained independence in 1947, a lot of progress has been made in the field of agriculture, industrial development, medical, Information technology etc. and in parallel employment scene has also drastically changed. The nation has witnessed an active transformation in its interest of jobs. We have come a long way from being a nation obsessed with government jobs to a demography which seeks immense interest in seeking global career by working in multinationals companies. With this transformation, nation’s appetite to take risk has increased with freelancers getting more and more acceptance in Indian corporates and households as freelancing gives a person the autonomy, which a traditional job cannot.

Post COVID 19 lockdowns, organisations have felt a greater need of working with freelancers. Freelancing has many attractive benefits in form of flexibility, wider career options, enhanced income, greater learning experience, autonomy etc. All this has led employers to use freelancer to supplement their skill and specific domain knowledge. A sea change could be seen in recruitments pattern also. With Indian gig economy increasing at an annual rate of 14%, freelancers are getting tons of opportunities to showcase their skills and negotiating firmly for their price. Indian market is also witnessing a new pattern of hiring in form of “A freelancer hiring another freelancer”. This transformation has many advantages and led to emergence of stratification of freelancers and ways to engage freelancer. Based on the nature of work performed, productive relation with the employer and degree of commitment, freelancer can be categorised as:

Types of Giggers/ Freelancers
Types of Giggers
  1. Side Gigger:Their main motivation to opt for freelancing is financial security and work flexibility. An extra piece of income along with their salary is their major take away. Freelance work gives them an opportunity to earn approximately 20% of their income.
  2. Fly-in- Experts:They are qualified experts who put into the shoes of a consultant for a specific period and for a particular role. They prefer to work contractually instead of having a permanent employment. This give them a chance to earn an extra income along with a reputation of a consultant.
  3. Moonlighters:Also, known as ‘The Autonomous Clickworkers’, they are most common type of freelancers available in the gig economy. Financial stability, maintaining a certain standard of living are the reason behind their interest in using their free hours after completing their commitments of traditional job as a Freelancer. They often have a double packed tight schedule but are surely financially stable and professionally skilled.
  4. Passionistas: They work for companies to pursue their desire to showcase their skill. Shear passion for work is what drives them towards Freelancing.

Advantages of a freelancer getting hired by a freelancer

  • Knows what drives a freelancer “You don’t change your employer, you change your boss” explicitly showcases the importance of the relationship between a boss and his subordinate. This is one of the most crucial factor in both traditional type of job and gig economy. A freelancer understands the requirement of a freelancing team or individual, he knows exactly when to expand the horizon of work, understands the challenges faced by fellow freelancer. Having the same background of gig, induces a sense of understanding between the two which ultimately helps them in striking balance between the two that can help them in achieving challenging goals.
  • Embracing Change: Working under freelancer is the new way of working. Work culture is transforming constantly and the COVID health crisis has paved the way for a new trend of freelance work culture. A freelance subordinate can be better dealt with by another freelance senior which allows them to operate more effectively and more efficiently. Since, both of them come from the same background of gig economy, have almost same mind set and approach toward the specific task enables them to perform the task within the set time frame for the organization productively.
  • Exploring more: A freelancer working under another freelancer makes a team that has ample time to explore for more knowledge and skills. This approach results in conducive work environment, perfect sharing of tasks and responsibilities and making significant changes to roles and functions. A well laid out rotation program could be framed and followed which will enable proper learning, acquiring new skill sets and completion of task well within the deadline

Some Top Freelancing Websites

Below are some of the top freelancing websites in India which provide a wide range of opportunities to nation’s increasing freelance work force:

1. Rozgaar India

i) One of the most sought out and recommended online platform which has the reputation of being India’s first online market place for freelancers Rozgaar India It has opportunities for freelancers in every niche of the business world which includes : Information & technology

· Animation


· Software designing

· Mobile applications

· Engineering

· Accounts

· Financial services

· Singing, dancing

· Script writing

· Blogging

· Content writing, proofreading, article writing etc.

ii)   Their transparent approach set them apart from the rest. The buyer and the seller gets the opportunity to negotiate, understand each other’s requirement and work together. They ensure that rights of both the parties are safeguarded and no one faces disappointment.

iii)  Rozgaar India has a safe and secure online money transaction system which enables a smooth transfer of money. They have a one time registration fee of INR 99 only which promises that every Indian gets a chance to learn and earn while working from home.

iv)  Availability of a dedicated support team reciprocates their commitment towards 24*7, 365 days continuous support in cherishing your dream. 

2. Upwork:

  i)   It is one of the most popular freelancing sites in India.

 ii)  Upwork promises its user to get substantial amount of work in the field of information & technology, finance, accounts, animation etc.

 iii)  Trusted with more than 5 million users, Upwork provides work opportunity to everyone irrespective of their area of specialization.

 3.  Freelancers:

  i)  It has the reputation of being the oldest of the market place for freelancers.

  ii)   A little hard to navigate through but the quality and authenticity of projects available here makes     Freelancer, one of the most credible online platform for Freelancers.

 4. Truelancer:

 i)   A ‘get a job in no time’ approach, it has the reputation of getting a job within one week.

 ii) The diversified niche covered on Truelancer includes Software development, design, data entry,       finance etc.      

 5. Fiverr :

 i)   An Israel company that has an astonishing reputation of providing ample work opportunity to its       user. It allows its freelance users to upload gigs at a minimum price of 5$. Once the work is completed,   the buyer has the right to share its feedback, which gives a chance to know about the quality of the  seller.

 ii)   Fiverr is one of the most popular Online market place in the Asian continent as it cover almost every        niche of the global market.


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